About Us

Our company owner needed to replace a 16 year old galvanized steel cooling tower.  The sheet metal was failing, the fan shroud had been replaced, the spray pump motor failed, the fan bearings failed, and the tower had a half dozen other issues – it needed to be replaced.  He refused to get another cheap cooling tower that would start having maintenance issue in 15 years.  This is why Stainless Cooling was founded – to provide cost effective, high quality cooling towers that will last for 25 years or more.

Our company designs, fabricates, and sells the highest quality stainless steel cooling towers on the market. We organized our company with low overhead – selling directly to customer instead of thru middlemen, that helps us provide very competitive pricing.  Consider us for your next cooling tower replacement project – it only takes a phone call.


Completed smaller stainless steel closed circuit counter flow cooling tower / fluid cooler