Frame and Casing

While some cooling tower manufacturers provide only the water basin in stainless steel, our entire cooling tower is fabricated in stainless steel – even the frame!  Smaller towers use 14 gauge sheet metal while larger towers use 12 gauge.

Options for casing are 304 stainless, 316 stainless, and custom materials upon request.

Stainless Steel Panels for Closed Circuit Cooling Tower / Fluid Cooler

Cooling Coils

Cooling coils are fabricated and pressure tested at 150 psi (12 bar) for a minimum of two hours.  This high pressure test assures coils will arrive to your job site with no issues.  (Higher operating pressure available on custom orders.)

Options for cooling coils are 304 stainless, 316 stainless, copper, and custom materials upon request.

Fluid Cooler Stainless Steel Coil

Control Panels

While most cooling towers do not include control panels, our cooling towers are closed-circuit (fluid coolers) that have fans and spray pumps.  Control panels can be provided to start and stop these motors, along with monitoring water temperatures and providing alarms.  Control panels have temperature controllers and are in a 304 stainless steel (NEMA 4X) enclosure.

Options for control panels are no control panel (you have existing controls) or with a control panel – and control panels can have magnetic starters, soft starts, VFDs, water quality control, alarms, and other options.

Multiple Control Panels for Closed Circuit Cooling Tower / Fluid Cooler


Fans move air across coils and fill to evaporate air.  They are in corrosive conditions, as high TDS (high salt content) water can reduce life. We use plastic, aluminum alloy, or carbon fiber blades to extend life.  All smaller fans are direct drive, while larger models may have gear reducers.

Options for fans are plastic, aluminum alloy (hollow), aluminum alloy (solid), and carbon fiber.  Hollow fan blades and carbon fiber fan blades are low noise and we have ultra-low noise options.


Top brand name motors are the key for long life.  We have standardized on Siemens as our motor supplier – one of the largest motor manufacturers in the world.  Our fan motors are designed to operate in corrosive conditions while our pump motors have shade covers to extend life.  All motors are high efficiency and are available from local motor supply stores (like Grainger.)

We do offer an OEM grade motors that may be a good choice if you have multiple cooling towers where one tower could be out of service for a few days.

WEG Motor

Spray Pumps

Spray pumps circulate cooling water from the water basin to spray nozzles above coils or fill.  End suction pumps have a history of reliability, and are used on all larger cooling towers (fluid coolers.)  Larger cooling towers also use multiple spray pumps – helping with reliability thru redundancy.

Options for pumps are end suction and in-line.  In-line is typically used only on smaller towers.

End suction spray pumps for closed circuit cooling tower / fluid cooler


Our spray nozzles and spray pump piping are PVC, to assure long life.  Standard fill valves are stainless float valves, that should be replaced every five years.  All pump strainers are stainless.

Options for accessories are electronic fill valves, water quality monitoring and controls, ladders, walkways, etc.  Our proposals will indicate all available options and all our cooling towers are custom made.

Water quality reverse osmosis (RO) unit for closed circuit cooling tower / fluid cooler